5 Ways to Spice Up the Bedroom

Whether your sex life is slumping or you’re just always looking for ways to jazz each other’s juices, it’s always a good idea to get creative every once in a while. Regularly getting inventive in the bedroom will keep your sex life revving at your ideally zesty pace, and likely inspire your mate to do the same.

1. Roleplaying

While a French maid costume might seem like the pinnacle of cheesy, there are plenty of exciting roles to be played in the bedroom that won’t have your friends rolling their eyes at you the next day. Teacher and naughty student is a widely accepted favorite, but try thinking outside of the box and role play as his Sex Therapist.

2. Fifty Shades of YES: Light Bondage

A necktie can serve as a perfect restraint for both hands and feet, and can double as a blindfold or gag. Leave thigh-highs on in bed with the caveat that when they start to slip down, one partner gets tied up with them.

3. Get Ready for a Close-up

Just knowing you’re being filmed is enough to drive you both wild. Make sure you set flattering lighting beforehand but it’s not too dark to see yourselves. If one partner has any trepidation about your film getting out there, make a pact to delete it right after you watch it.

4. Take a Sudden Staycation

Let’s face it, even if you’ve been married for years, hotel sex is hot. Spontaneously pulling over and booking a room for the night is a great way to live out a sex fantasy without straying from your mate. Make sure it’s truly off the cuff, though. Too much planning can ruin the thrill, so no booking the room in advance or packing a toothbrush.

5. Get It in Writing

Courier your worn panties to him at the office with a note that reads simply “tonight.” Wait for him in bed in sexy new heels (and keep themon). Or, try slipping a note into his jacket pocket that lets him know that tonight, you’re giving yourself a crash course on how to give oral sex by watching porn, and you’ll need him there to practice on.

How To Throw A Swinger Party

Have you ever met a swinger? They’re smooth. They’re the kids from “Weird Science” after they met Kelly LeBrock. The guys are like “Cool Hand Luke” before he was considered cool and the girls are as open as a 24-hour 7-eleven. Does that sound like the lifestyle for you? If so, we’ve come up with a list of things that can help you get into the swing of things.


Get to Know a Bunch of Loose Women

Loose women can be found at bars, supermarkets or even government offices. The trick is getting to know them and being personable enough to invite them to a very private party when the time comes.


Make A Lot of Unrelated Friends

Nobody wants to be in an awkward sexual situation with their cousin (okay, some people do) and unless you’re cool with having your “regular” friends knowing you’re a swinger, you’ll want to keep your swinger friends away from from your regular friends and family.


Have An Awesome Pad

Women tend to melt at the sight of an awesome ride or a cool ocean-side apartment. If you get yourself a decent bachelor pad, you can expect to be a decent bachelor.

5 Erogenous Zones You Should Be Paying Attention To On Your Man

Be it a white middle aged man from London or an African gay, all share the same erogenous zones. Study done by Bangor University and the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg have found that the most popular sexual arousal body zones were the genitals followed by lips, ears, inner thighs, and the shoulder blades and the feet taking last place. Its now clear that sexual arousal is controlled by the brain and not by sense of touch. Simply put, an erogenous zone is a part of the human body with heightened sensitivity. Stimulating these zones can arouse your partner faster than trying to stimulate other parts of the body. Explore your partner’s body and figure out what parts of their body are most sensitive to your touch. All that said, below is a list of typical erogenous zones that really can’t go wrong with.

Men are visual beings. Getting dressed up in a sexy outfit might be the fastest way to get your man’s blood pumping. Talking dirty is another way to get your man’s mind racing.

Whispering sexy things in your man’s ear, gently biting his ear lobes and licking him in that general area is an excellent way to manipulate this particular zone.

The sides and back of the neck are very sensitive areas for both men and women. Massaging and kissing the area around a man’s collarbone is a great way to get him excited.

For the most part, a man’s thighs are considered an erogenous zone mostly because of how close the area is to the genitals. Anticipation is a big part of sexual stimulation.

It should come as no surprise that the penis is one of the most erogenous zones on a man’s body. The question is, which part? Experts agree that the tip of the penis is one of the most sensitive parts, especially if he has foreskin.

5 Things To Never Ask A Woman During Sex

Most men know that there are certain questions you never ask a woman; their age, weight, etc… But there are also questions you should never ask a woman during sex. Although certain question can blow your chances of getting blown in the first place, these are questions you should never ask a girl once you have her in the sack.

Who’s your daddy?
She knows who her daddy is, and it isn’t you. Besides being an outdated “saying”, nobody wants to be reminded about their parents during sex.

Do you like that?
If you’re in the middle of the act, this is a question you shouldn’t have to ask. Of course she likes it, if she didn’t, you probably wouldn’t be there.

Can you give me a BJ?
Some things are best left unsaid. A blowjob is one of those things. If it doesn’t happen organically, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen at all.

Are you okay?
Even if they won’t admit it, women want a “bad boy”. Although being concerned for your girl’s well-being is generally something they will appreciate, it’s not as endearing during sex.

Did you cum?
Especially if you’re with a new girl, this should be the #1 question to avoid. Some girls fake it, but if you have to ask, chances are that you’re not getting it done.

5 Amazing Perks Of Being Single

Most singles out there are in search of a soul mate or something of the sort, someone they can share their life with and what not. However, what they don’t realize even if they’ve been in a relationship before is that ultimately sharing “your life” with someone brings on a lot of baggage, stress and you end up having to do more things that you dislike than you ever bargained for. Sure, this may sound selfish, but it’s not. While it’s okay to “share,” sacrificing your entire life and interests for someone else is simply not fair.

Unfortunately, in most relationships there’s always one person that’s willing to give a lot more than the other person and that person gets stuck with the short end of the stick. That person ends up feeling resentful and eventually lashes out. The other person is probably not even aware of what’s going on because they never asked for anything and this can easily turn into a nightmare.

I personally think that being single has many perks. Sure, some days you might see a happy couple and wish you could be part of something like that, but always keep in mind- that it’s not always peachy. In fact, the quite contrary…

Here are 5 Amazing Perks Of Being Single:

#1. Being in a relationship is a constant struggle as you have to keep that spark and romance alive and you find yourself jumping through an array of hoops to keep your significant other interested. When you’re single this one struggle simply does not exist. Don’t you have enough things to worry about? Why add another thing to your list of things to do? (What do I pull I out of my ass this weekend to keep this guy wanting me?) I say screw that!

#2. Meeting people is fun! Sure, it can also be annoying, but all you have to do is walk away. Mingling is fun and you learn more from an array of people/personalities and yourself. Some may be even fun enough to have a little bedroom rumble with.

#3. No strings no worries. When you lead a life of casual relationships, flings and encounters with no strings attached, there’s less chance of getting hurt or hurting someone.

#4. Sex never becomes boring. Once people settle into their comfy unions, libidos go into hiatus. This is especially true for a lot of women.

#5. You can flirt whenever you want and with who ever you want and let’s face it- flirting is one of the funnest things to do when you’re out. Now if you’re out with your significant other, you can forget about innocent flirting. In fact, why even bother going out if you can’t flirt?

These are the most amazing perks of being single, so if you find yourself feeling sorry for yourself, you should really re-examine your situation. Perhaps, if you look at being single in a different light you won’t feel as miserable. Enjoy your single status, because at the end of the day I do believe there is someone out there for everyone. Soon you’ll find your soul mate which you will do anything for. Meanwhile, do yourself a favor and enjoy yourself until that person comes into your world.

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