5 Things Everyone Should Know About The Penis

I think it’s safe to say that women want to know as little about the penis as possible. Mostly because, in comparison to men, women have to do very little to make a guy horny. However, just in case you’re a girl (or guy) that wants to know everything there is to know about the one-eyed monster every guy has a proper name for, here you go.


Vibrators Work on a Penis Too

Some men that have problems ejaculating are prescribed medical-grade vibrators, but experts agree that they aren’t much stronger than store-bought vibrators.


3 to 5 Erections Every Night

You read it right. Most men have between 3 and 5 erections every night. The erections usually occur during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phase of sleep.


Foreskin Funk

The foreskin has an inner surface that resembles the inside of your eyelid and it evolves from the same tissue as the clitoral hood. The moist environment may be the reason why men with foreskin have increased STD rates.


A Tale of Two Dicks

Diphallus is a medical condition in which a male is born with two penises. However, the condition is extremely rare and in most cases, neither organ functions properly.


Record Holder

Horst Schultz holds the record for the farthest ejaculation. He ejaculated over 18 feet. We feel sorry for whoever had to measure.

5 Sex Moves That A Woman Truly Wants In Bed

Some women are extremely shy when it comes to asking for what they want in the bedroom. It has to do with that they are embarrassed or afraid to ask the man that is pleasing them. Women at times can become self-conscious when asking their man to do something kinky for them. This should never be the case and those women who are afraid need to become more confident and learn not to be afraid to ask for what they really want.

5 Sex Moves That A Woman Truly Wants In Bed:

1. Anal Play: Don’t be surprised if you ask your girl if you can play with her butt and she says yes. Most women can’t handle full on anal sex, but they truly enjoy a finger, butt plug or some tongue action in that area. Most shy women are wondering if a man plays with their anal and little pieces of number two comes out how the guy would react. They know for sure they would be mortified if that certain situation happens. Also women worry about the pain they might feel if the man’s private area tries to enter their back door.

2. Dirty Talk: If a woman wants to try dirty talking she has to be hundred percent comfortable with the man she is involved with. She might not feel sexy or she might feel stupid trying to talk dirty while she is doing the deed. But any woman is dying to try being kinky and dirty in bed with just a few words.

3. Choked: There is a big difference between from sexually and gently choking a woman in the sack to choking her like you are trying to take away her life. Choking during sex is so arousing and feels absolutely amazing when the woman is getting pounded really hard. Also men enjoy being choked right before he busts.

4. Sex Toys: Women love their sex toys and want to incorporate them into their sex life with a man. Many don’t dare bringing up the subject due to being afraid of offending the man they are with. Most men feel that if a woman brings her vibrator into the bed with them it means that his tool isn’t enough. This is definitely not the case for most situations. The toy is only needed to bring a new spice into the relationship. Make sure you let her know that it is okay if she wants to use her toy every once in awhile while you two are getting it on.

5. Dressing In Sexy Lingerie: Most women don’t get the opportunity to dress up in sexy lingerie and have her outfit admired and become a big turn on for the man she is with. This is the time for a woman to have her moment in feeling that she is attractive and irresponsible. Men need to learn how to appreciate the time and effort a woman takes to get herself looking extra hot for them.

Now that you men know what women secretly want in the bed; go ahead and make her aware that you are down to please her and will do what you can to make sure she always has a good time during those intimate moments. If you enjoyed what you read on here try reading about the 5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Sex Life.

Erotic Massages Before Sex

Most women need to be put into the mood by other methods sometimes. A nice erotic massage will definitely do the trick. Dont know how to give one? No worries. I will tell you how with these seven pointers.

1. The Warm Up- Make sure the room is set to a decent temperature. No one wants to freeze while taking their clothes off. If you decide to use hot body oil, make sure you test out the temperature before you put the oil on your partners skin.

2. Feeling Comfortable- It is important that you and your partner are comfortable. Have your partner lay out face down on a large area or the bed.

3. Apply Oil- You may pour a decent amount onto your hands, rub together, and then onto your partners body. Or you may pour small amounts onto your partners body and then rub in.

4. Techniques- Everyone has their own techniques on how to give a massage. Here are a feel movements that you can use; use long strokes down your partners back and legs, skimming your fingertips lightly, circular motions with your palms, gently using your knuckles to massage your partners back, bottom, and legs.

5. Communication- No one wants to have a painful massage, so make sure you ask your partner how they feel.

6. Full Body- Make sure you massage your partners entire body. Once you are done with their back side, fill them over and massage the entire front.

7. Make It Sexual- Once you have made your way done to the below area. You will want to use your most oiled hand to began pleasuring your partner. With a finger or two began a circular motion on her clitoris. Listen to her moans and then change the pace and pressure. Dont be afraid to ask for feedback.

Sex Toys Kama Sutra Massage Kit

This week on Sex Toys we are featuring a Kama Sutra Massage Kit, this toy best works with a partner. Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian text that is referred and the practice of human sexual behavior. There are many of such kits that contain a variety of components inside. You may have to do a little bit of research to choose what kit best fits your needs.

What typically comes in these kinds of kits are a variety of different essential oils for different kinds of mood setting massages, a feather applicator, a blind fold, and candles.

This is the kind of kit you want to have a sensual passionate night with your partner.