9 Best Places to Have Casual Sex


Everyone’s sex life can use a new venue or two. Dodge bedroom bore by experimenting with fooling around in some new-fangled places. Getting it on out of the bedroom will make for some memories neither of you are likely to forget. Here are the 9 best places to have casual sex !


1. Crash a Convention

Throw convention to the wind by sneaking into a hotel convention, duck behind an empty booth, and get it on while wearing nothing but someone else’s name badge.


2. A Friend’s House

If you’ve got the spare key to a buddies house, wait until you’re sure no one will be home and surprise your mate with an elaborate rouse. Say your friend needed help with something, get your partner inside and then reveal the real motives for your mischief.

girl hanging laundy

3. The Laundry Room

Lots of women have laundry room fantasies — perhaps it’s the slow, rocking vibration of a running washer. Whatever the reason, get a load in and, well, you get the pun.


4. The Stairwell

Find a tall building and wait until the dead of night to get a workout that will get your Stairmaster jealous. Pick an upper floor to further avoid being interrupted.



5. In a Library

Libraries are stuffy and quiet — the perfect place to rebel. Find the floor with the least traffic, and get ready for some wordy rug burn. Having to stay completely quiet will be exhilarating for you both. Add extra spice with a naughty schoolgirl look.

casual library hookup

6. Camping

The seclusion of the great outdoors can be a great spot for getting back to nature. Follow the lead of the birds and the bees and get thrown up against a tree or three. Doing it right out in the open next to a roaring fire will be a naturally passionate experience.


7. The Kitchen

Sex in the kitchen is the most exciting way to clear the dishes. If you have a sturdy dinette set make sure to consider creative use of the chairs.


8. The Balcony

Even if you live just a few floors up, the danger of the height will be thrilling. If you don’t have your own balcony, a fire escape of an office building could do nicely.


car front seat kiss

9. In a Car

Choose a relatively busy parking lot in the middle of the day to keep it spicy. Don’t let a lack of tinted windows stop you. Wait till you’ve picked up the dry cleaning, throw up your dash board sun protector, and hang a garment in front of each of the side windows. The only evidence to a passerby will be the glass you’re undoubtedly steaming up.

5 Things He Wants You to Do In Bed

Men often have secret fantasies they want to share with you, but can’t. They’re mostly worried you’ll be offended, or think them weird or disrespectful. Some of these secret desires might actually be offensive, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Taking a few little risks can open up a whole new world of intimacy and satisfaction.

Touch Yourself

Science tells us men are most aroused from visual cues, so touching yourself in front of him will get him going faster than anything. Pleasuring yourself during sex serves a dual purpose. It’s a huge turn-on for him, and will get you to climax faster.

Find His White Whale

Every man has a secret, strange turn-on. Some guys will go their whole lives without ever getting it in real life. For some, thankfully, this huge turn-on isn’t so unattainable. He might love it when you’re rough with his nipples. There might be a seriously sensitive spot down there that even the littlest stroke will excite. Ask him if you can spit in his mouth while you’re riding him, or venture a finger into a new region, and see where it takes you.

Get Bad

It might sound really intimidating to ask a guy, right in the middle of sex, to slap you across the face, but a serious spanking over his knee could be worth it in how turned on and empowered he will feel. Let him really go at it, you might be surprised how liberating the pain of a real spanking can be for you, too.


Don’t Kiss

It always seems a risky move to depersonalize sex, but if you’re in a caring, loving relationship, the risks are lessened by the fact that after, he will know it was all in good fun. Once in a while, tell him you don’t want to be kissed the whole time, you just want your body to be used for his pleasure. The tantric nature of the emotional restraint can be quite exhilarating, and it will force you to make serious eye contact, which can often be far more passionate than locking lips.


Talk Dirty

Once you realize a little of what he likes, it can be very hot to start talking dirty during sex. Start the statements off simply and mirror the pace of climax by gradually elevating how dirty and loud you get. You’ll be surprised how much you can literally control his orgasm with simply the pace and level of your dirty talk.

5 Ways To Help Your Woman Climax

For guys, it’s easy to take orgasms for granted. After all, the only thing needed is a free hand and a few minutes. But for some girls, it’s not that simple. That’s why we’ve come up with a short list of ways that you can help your girl achieve the ever elusive climax.

Use Foreplay

Many women can achieve an orgasm on their own by master bating so why not help them out? She’ll be happy you’ll be able to observe her technique.

Perform Oral

Some women can’t have an orgasm through oral stimulation alone, but it can’t hurt to try.

Try Different Positions

Many women can’t achieve an orgasm unless they’re in a certain position, which, of course, tends to be their favorite. Make it your mission to find that position.


Switch Speeds & Angles

Whether it’s in a car or in the bedroom, guys usually like to go one speed – fast. Switch up your speed as well as the angle of your approach and she’ll find it to be a much better ride.


Use Toys

Sex toys don’t have to be a last resort. They can be fun anytime but what better excuse do you need to try them out than to help your girl have a faster, stronger orgasm?

3 Things To Know Before Dominating A Woman

Dominating a woman can be risky business. The action can go from zero to out-of-control in a heartbeat. That’s why there are certain things that men should always know about their partner before engaging in any hardcore domination techniques. The following is a pretty succinct checklist that any man should go through before proceeding to dominate his woman.

Ask Questions

Try to think about everything you want to try while dominating your girl and make sure she’s okay with it. The last thing you want to do is spoil the moment by stopping in the middle of everything to ask of your partner is comfortable with a certain form of domination.

Define Boundaries

Now that you’ve asked a bunch of questions, maybe you find out that your girl likes to be tied up and slapped lightly on her ass. Or, maybe she’s into more hardcore acts like choking, whipping, biting and scratching. You should already have a good idea of what she wants. Now you just have to figure out how far to take it.

Create a “Safe” Word

Even after you define your boundaries, there is still the possibility that things can get out of hand in the heat of the moment. If at anytime the act turns from pleasurable to painful, it’s important to have a safe word picked out in advance. That way, you can roleplay all you want and your girl can even pretend like something is hurting when it really isn’t, but once you hear that safe word, you know to put the action on hold

5 Things To Never Ask A Woman During Sex

Most men know that there are certain questions you never ask a woman; their age, weight, etc… But there are also questions you should never ask a woman during sex. Although certain question can blow your chances of getting blown in the first place, these are questions you should never ask a girl once you have her in the sack.

Who’s your daddy?
She knows who her daddy is, and it isn’t you. Besides being an outdated “saying”, nobody wants to be reminded about their parents during sex.

Do you like that?
If you’re in the middle of the act, this is a question you shouldn’t have to ask. Of course she likes it, if she didn’t, you probably wouldn’t be there.

Can you give me a BJ?
Some things are best left unsaid. A blowjob is one of those things. If it doesn’t happen organically, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen at all.

Are you okay?
Even if they won’t admit it, women want a “bad boy”. Although being concerned for your girl’s well-being is generally something they will appreciate, it’s not as endearing during sex.

Did you cum?
Especially if you’re with a new girl, this should be the #1 question to avoid. Some girls fake it, but if you have to ask, chances are that you’re not getting it done.