5 Ways To Enhance Your Penis

austin powers penis pump

austin powers penis pump

No matter how large (or small) your penis is, if you’re like most men, chances are you’ve thought about ways to make it look bigger. Well, before countless pills flooded the market promising to add inches to your manhood, there were a few more “traditional” ways you could try and some length to your member.


Trim Your Man Bush

This is definitely the easiest method of all but that’s because you’re dealing with appearances instead of actual growth. If you have a huge man bush, doing some manscaping will surely make johnson seem a few inches longer.



This is a massage technique that focuses on the shaft. using lubrication, you form a circular grip with your thumb and pointer finger at the base of your penis. You then proceed to stretch your semi-erect penis upward until you reach the base of the head. Then, repeat… a couple of hundred times a day.


Penis Pumps

Experts agree that penis pumps do increase blood flow to the penis; making it easier to get an erection. However, it doesn’t necessarily make it permanently bigger.


Hanging Weights

This is one of the oldest penis enlargement techniques, and some people swear by it. A strap or rope is attached to one end of the penis and a weight hangs on the other end. The weight can be between 1/16 and ¼ pound. However, even studies that show it works agree that it usually reduces girth.


The Andropenis

We’ve saved the most sophisticated method for last. We’re sure the Andropenis got its name because it makes your penis look like one of R2-D2’s legs. Nevertheless, a number of sources claim that the device actually works, even though it does take extended use and may only increase your penis size by centimeters.

5 Secrets About Men Sex Ed Didn’t Teach You

Did you know that a recent survey by the CDC indicates that by high school 47% of students say they’ve had sex? However, even though nearly half of all high school students are sexually active, only 22 states in the US are required to teach sex education. Of those states, only 19 require that the sex education courses be medically accurate. Well, we can’t speak to the accuracy of any of the information below but one thing is for sure, even if you did attend a sex education class, they didn’t teach you any of this.


They Hate Wearing Condoms

If you had the benefit of attending a sex education class, you probably got a crash course on the proper way to wear a condom. But they they ever bother to teach you about sizes and quality? Chances are that if a rubber feels uncomfortable, it’s for a good reason. Maybe it’s poor quality or too small but the rule of thumb is, it should always feel good.


They’re Shallow

On the short list of interests for the “every man” is women… or maybe not women as much as sex itself. Sex and beer. Sex, beer and cars. Wait I was going somewhere with this, I swear.


They Love Boobs

It doesn’t matter what anyone says, men love boobs. Did I mention that they’re shallow?




dick trophy

They Think with Their Penis

Did you ever hear that Chris Rock joke saying that men are only as faithful as his options? Yeah, that’s about right. Some married men may be the exception, but the women know who they are.

 Sex IS a Badge of Honor

At least for guys it is. There’s definitely a stigma against guys who are virgins; especially if they’re older than 18.

9 Best Places to Have Casual Sex


Everyone’s sex life can use a new venue or two. Dodge bedroom bore by experimenting with fooling around in some new-fangled places. Getting it on out of the bedroom will make for some memories neither of you are likely to forget. Here are the 9 best places to have casual sex !


1. Crash a Convention

Throw convention to the wind by sneaking into a hotel convention, duck behind an empty booth, and get it on while wearing nothing but someone else’s name badge.


2. A Friend’s House

If you’ve got the spare key to a buddies house, wait until you’re sure no one will be home and surprise your mate with an elaborate rouse. Say your friend needed help with something, get your partner inside and then reveal the real motives for your mischief.

girl hanging laundy

3. The Laundry Room

Lots of women have laundry room fantasies — perhaps it’s the slow, rocking vibration of a running washer. Whatever the reason, get a load in and, well, you get the pun.


4. The Stairwell

Find a tall building and wait until the dead of night to get a workout that will get your Stairmaster jealous. Pick an upper floor to further avoid being interrupted.



5. In a Library

Libraries are stuffy and quiet — the perfect place to rebel. Find the floor with the least traffic, and get ready for some wordy rug burn. Having to stay completely quiet will be exhilarating for you both. Add extra spice with a naughty schoolgirl look.

casual library hookup

6. Camping

The seclusion of the great outdoors can be a great spot for getting back to nature. Follow the lead of the birds and the bees and get thrown up against a tree or three. Doing it right out in the open next to a roaring fire will be a naturally passionate experience.


7. The Kitchen

Sex in the kitchen is the most exciting way to clear the dishes. If you have a sturdy dinette set make sure to consider creative use of the chairs.


8. The Balcony

Even if you live just a few floors up, the danger of the height will be thrilling. If you don’t have your own balcony, a fire escape of an office building could do nicely.


car front seat kiss

9. In a Car

Choose a relatively busy parking lot in the middle of the day to keep it spicy. Don’t let a lack of tinted windows stop you. Wait till you’ve picked up the dry cleaning, throw up your dash board sun protector, and hang a garment in front of each of the side windows. The only evidence to a passerby will be the glass you’re undoubtedly steaming up.

4 Foods To Improve Your SexLife

A good diet can not only improve your health, but it can have a positive effect on your sex life as well. That’s why we’ve come up with a short list of foods to improve your sex life .


You’ve heard that oysters are an aphrodisiac, but did you know that other seafood like lobster and shrimp are also on the list? They’re a great source of zinc, copper and protein which boasts your sex drive.

Dark Chocolate

They say that phenylethylamine is an endorphin released in the brain when you’re falling in love. They say the same thing about dark chocolate. “They” say alot.


Peanuts have a necessary amino acid that helps the brain to circulate neurotransmitters. ‘nuff said.

Hot Peppers

Eating peppers increases your blood flow and speeds up your metabolism. It can all lead to harder erections for men and stronger orgasms for women.

5 Things He Wants To Hear In Bed

Some guys like talkers, some really, really don’t. If you’ve gotten away with a few random statements here and there, you likely have a man on your hands who wants to hear more. You’re in luck! Successfully talking during sex can be one of the most intimate, fun, and memorable experiences you can have. Try new things, and add a couple staple sex slogans, and you’re sure to keep him smiling.


What To Do

A guy might have mad chops in the bedroom, but that doesn’t mean he can’t use a pointer or three here and there. Every woman is different, and he wants you to be different, so tell him all of the out-of-the-ordinary things you want him to do, and see where it gets the two of you.



It might happen early in the sexual encounter or later, but it’s always hot to let him get a little rough with you. Tell him you want it harder, but make sure you make eye contact the whole time: it will be hotter for you both, and your facial expressions will be cues to pull back or go further still.


You’re Climaxing

Telling a guy you’re about have an orgasm is one of the hottest thing you can say during sex. Preface it with “Don’t stop.” Never fake it, however. Once you go down the When-Harry-Met-Sally café scene road, he’ll never try harder to actually get you there, and you’ll be relegated to an unsatisfying sex life for the duration of your relationship. Worse yet, if he finds out you faked it, you’ll lose his trust.


How Good He Feels

He wants to hear how big he is, how well he fills you up, how good he does you and how much you want to feel him cum. The list goes on, but it will be more exciting if you wing it. Be genuine, and try to avoid clichés.


A Religious Experience

Whether you’re yelling out “OH GOD!” or “OH Allah!” or ‘OH logic, evidence, and physical matter in a biological configuration!” never underestimate the satisfaction he will derive from giving you an orgasm so powerful that you’re calling out to the fates (or lack thereof).