How to Take A Sexy Selfie

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Tips on a Taking a Sexy Selfie


Everyone does it!  The mirror selfie, the stuck in traffic selfie, the Starbucks selfie and of course the “…but first #seflie” posts, so here are a few tips on how to take a sexy selfie … but first… #sexyselfie:



Let’s start by defining “sexy”, shall we?  According to Webster this, adjective is defined as “sexually interesting or exciting; radiating sexuality.” So think about it – your selfie needs to be enticing, mysterious, and interesting. After talking to a few men, all with different ideas of the sexy women, their common answer was CONFIDENCE!


Sexy is a confident women! Plan and simple – if you’re going to take a selfie, own that shit! Put your hand up on your hip (when I dip, you dip, we dip), show off those legs, or pop out that booty!  Girl, take pride in your sexy parts.  Now, by taking pride, don’t reveal all your goodies!  Sometimes more is less.  Meaning, show off dat ass, but don’t bend so far over your vajaja is hanging out.  That is not sexy, that is soft porn, and you’ll probably get the boot from IG!


sexy selfie fail

#SexySelfie FAIL

Next, check your surroundings PLEASE!  Don’t end up as a #selfiefail! You will be forced to delete your account and open a new one to start over!  Put the toilet seats down and get your yesterday panties off the floor.  Moms, you’re sexy too, just make sure your kids are not photobombing!  On and Stuck in traffic seflies – please make sure you are ACTUALLY stuck in traffic; if not your Ray-Ban reflection will snitch!


Lastly, no more duck lips.  After the age of 14, duck lips are NOT cute and on the opposite side of the sexy scale radar.  Now, if you are a make-up artist and are showing off your latest lip gloss, ok, there are sexy lip selfies; however, the duck face fad is over!  Like… that snuggie you bought a few years back and ashamed to pull it out when guests are over.  Store the duck lips with the snuggie!


Now… go own that selfie girl!




5 Tips On How To Talk Dirty

Talking dirty is an art form; like ordering breakfast at Subway or creating electronic dance music. It takes talent and even the slightest misstep can ruin the entire experience. Things can go from sexy to creepy with just a couple of awkward phrases. That’s why we’ve compiled this list on how to talk dirty without being creepy.

Speak in a Low But Clear Voice
The tone of voice you use is a major factor on whether or not your dirty talk gets creepy or weird. Using your regular speaking voice would just be weird but if you try to get too “sexy”, it could get creepy. Finding the right balance is key.

Don’t Get Overly Excited
Keeping your cool is what talking dirty is all about. Act like you’ve done it before even if you never have. You can even do some research if you have to. You’d be amazed at the stuff you can find

Choose Your Words Carefully
Maybe your partner loves to curse or maybe he/she hates bad words. That’s a serious consideration when you choose to talk dirty. Dirty talk can still be dirty without the “bad” words.

Never Mention Other People
Whether it’s a best friend, a family member or even a stranger, It’s never a good idea to incorporate someone else into your dirty talk. It could get awkward and there could be repercussions after the dirty talk is over.

Use a Different Language
Do you know Spanish or French? If so, why not use it to talk dirty? Even if your partner doesn’t speak the language, it can still be a huge turn on.

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Lingerie.. Separates the women from the girls.

The word alone makes us think sex. Sexy Lingerie has sheer fabrics and strategically placed lace that is tight in all the right places. There is lingerie that keeps you well covered and reveals just enough to tease and there is lingerie that barely covers and is meant to completely seduce. Women everywhere admit that wearing something sexy under their clothes gives them a boost of confidence. Lingerie invites intimacy between couples. Men are visually stimulated, show him what your wearing before he is able to touch. Let him imagine what its like to rub his fingers over the lacy fabric. Whatever your goal, slip on a teddy and see it work wonders on you and your mans libido.