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How To Find A Fling On The Road

These days people are constantly on the road for business, events or vacations; but this shouldn’t stop them from having a great sex life. When a person is single and has the freedom to do whatever they please sexually there is a whole other door for them to venture in and that is called having flings. A fling is when two people are aware that their momentary relationship is purely based on sex. They are only in this type of relationship for the joys of no string attached sex. There are many ways to keep your sex life interesting while you are traveling and below you will be able to check out a few ways on finding a fling on the road.

Hotel Bar:

When a person is traveling due to business or simply for pleasure a great way to met a fling would be at the hotel bar or restaurant. There will be other men and women who are also single and traveling alone who would like some company as well. This is honestly one of the best ways to get down and dirty with a stranger, because they are more than aware that your late night fun is only a onetime thing. They are also 100% okay with that, which is always a good thing.

Go Out To Local Hangouts:

Another fantastic way to meet other singles is to go out on the town to the hottest spots for locals. If you can’t figure out where the hot spots are you can either Google it or ask a random stranger for some suggestions. Going out there in the town gives you the best chance of finding the type of person you are looking for to get it on with.


Most people network all the time to make business arrangements and transactions, so why not take this talent on the road with you. It doesn’t matter if you are making multiple trips to different cities or just traveling to one city; make sure that you see if the people you have connections with know of other people in those areas. Flings usually hook each other up with other people that they know are down for some adult fun.

Be Friendly:

When you are out and about make sure that you are talking about your travels wherever you go. This is a great way for you to share stories with strangers and see what stories they have for you. The friendlier you are to strangers the more willing they are to help you score big. It’s all about being interesting and knowing how to engage in conversation.

Be Approachable:

If you are approachable looking, then strangers will voluntarily come up to you to chit chat about things in their neck of the woods. This is especially true if you are hanging out at the hotel bar, local bar, local lounge etc. People enjoy going up to others to see where the rest of the night is going to take them. If locals know you are an out of towner, then they are even more so ready to let loose with you. This is because they know they won’t have to deal with any awkward moments of bumping into each other after night is over with. Make yourself look approachable by having a smile on your face, dressed to impress and a smooth personality.

Join Fling.Com and Make Connections:

If you are serious about meeting a fling or several flings on the road, then your best bet is to sign up for Fling.Com. This is the number one site for hook ups, one night stands and booty calls. Make sure to join a few weeks before your travels to insure a fling for every location you will be at during your business trip or vacation. Once you have a profile on the site you will be able to browse profiles by sexual preference, gender, age, location and much more. This advanced search feature will help you narrow down your preference in no time. Once your connections and plans are made all you need to do is to look forward to your exciting and well planned sex trip, oh I mean business trip.

If you follow these tips during your travels, then you will have no issue finding several flings to have some fun with. Remember that it is also important to practice safe sex and don’t give out any personal information to any of the flings that you experience. There is no need to do this since the main point of having a fling is to just enjoy the moment. Now what are you waiting for? Go plan your next out of town travels right now.

6 Naughty Places To Have A Fling

When you have been with the same person for a long time you tend to get bored with having sex on the bed, couch, kitchen, bathroom, etc. You want to be able to explore other areas to have a quickie at or what not. Unfortunately, there are some couples that think their sex life is great and don’t mind participating in the same style all of the time because they don’t realize that sex, just like other things, need to have a bit of variation every once in awhile. This also goes for people who just want to get down and dirty in different places with their flings.

If you are a couple who is longing to bring back the passion and excitement of love making or a single person who is looking to make their sex life all that more exciting, then you need to get involved with a few naughty places to sex at.

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10 Sex Positions You Should Try At Least Once

Adults who are sexually active are always looking to try out new positions to keep their sex life exciting and interesting. There will be quite a few trial and errors when it comes to trying out new positions, because some will work and others will just be uncomfortable or someone gets hurt. Lets be honest, sex isn’t supposed to be painful nor dangerous. These moves are meant for both the man and woman to be completely satisfied with every sexual experience they have. They are also meant to allow you to reach orgasm in a shorter period of time.


Position Number One: Chair Straddling

This position is perfect for those women who want to take charge when it comes to sex. All this position requires is for the man to sit down on a chair and for the woman to get on top facing him. She then straddles her legs towards the back of the chair and then lowers herself onto all of his glory. The woman controls the speed and intensity by bouncing up and down on the man’s pride and joy.

Position Number Two: Make It Bounce

This position is tons of fun for both the man and woman who participate in this position. The man has to lie down on his back with his knees bent and legs spread apart. The woman then has to get on top facing him, with her legs on either side of his body. She needs to keep her legs bent as well and her hand towards the back by his legs. All she has to do now is make her body bounce up and down.

Position Number Three: Spooning

This position is sweet, sensual and passionate for both the man and woman. They both lay on their sides and the man takes the woman from the back. Their bodies are completely touching one another and they are both facing towards the same direction. The woman should be pushing her butt towards the guy and this will help him enter the woman’s juice box much easier. Most women extend their arm back just to touch the guy’s side or thigh and allow him to thrust inside her gently.

Position Number Four: Be Easy

This position is all about letting a guy be in control. All the woman has to do is bend over on the bed, couch, kitchen counter, dining table or washer machine. The point of this position is for the sex to be fast, hard and passionate. During this position usually the woman doesn’t have to do a thing, but stand there and enjoy every minute of it.

Position Number Five: Show Me Your Strength

This position is all about the strength of a man and his ability to pleasure a woman while he is holding her up in the air. There are several different ways this position can be done and here they are as follows, he can stand up and press her up against a wall or solid vertical surface, he can stand up and hold her up in the air without any support, and lastly he can stand up with his back facing the bed and the woman can use the edge of the bed for support.

Position Number Six: Getting Dirty While Getting Clean

This position is perfect for those who want to explore a bit of sexual fun in the water. The bathtub has to be filled with warm water and the man has to sit down in the tub. The woman then slides herself on top of him, but she has to face the faucet instead of him. Once the woman is in this position she can bounce up on down on the man’s private or she can sit still while the guy thrusts inside of her from the bottom. If the woman is feeling extra freaky she can sit close to the faucet to allow the warm water to hit her clit. If there is a detachable shower head than that would work even better.

Position Number Seven: Downward Dog

This position requires that the woman to be somewhat flexible, because sooner rather than later she will be bending forward. Both the man and woman will start off by standing and then women will make her way slowly to towards the floor to place her palms facing down on the floor. If the woman isn’t as flexible, then she should bend her enough to get into a comfortable position. At this point the man will need to hold onto her hips for support before thrusting inside of her.

Position Number Eight: Floating On The Edge

This position can be done on any surface that has an edge on it and where it allows the woman to lay down and for the man can stand up right in front of her. The types of edges that could be used are of a bed, desk, kitchen counter, or even a pool. The woman needs to lie down and have her butt hanging over the edge, then the man will then lift her legs up and place them on his shoulders or his side for her to hold too while he is entering her.

Position Number Nine: Stair Loving

This position as to be done at the bottom of the stairs and not at the top and the reason for that is because it would end up bad if the man or the woman had lost their balance and tumbled down the stairs. The man will position himself at the bottom of the stairs while the woman is on the stair just one up from him, and for this position both the man and woman will be facing the stairs not one another. The woman should hold onto the stairs and the man will be holding onto her hips while he is penetrating her.

Position Number Ten: Sideways Scissor

This position requires the man and woman to both be on their sides, but directly below one another on a flat surface, such as the bed or floor. They both need to have one leg lift up and then they need to slide into one another into their private parts touch. At this point their one leg needs to still be lifted up and they can start grinding each other by moving their lower body region.

Online Sex Dating For Swingers

There is always a place for everyone who is looking to experiment more with their sex lives. Online Sex Dating for Swingers has grown in popularity in recent years. At first it used to be a low key, secret type of thing because society wasn’t ready to accept it. A swinger’s life is all about group sex as well as exchanging or trading spouses for the night. This is great for couples who do not want to split up, but want to try new sexual activities. They don’t want to just go out and have sex with strangers because they want to do all of their play time together.

The number one place for swingers to have fun at and meet other swingers, couples and singles is at Fling. This site is known for having the freakiest members that are good looking as well. It’s all having a great time as well as being safe. That is why it is recommended that you do not share any personal information such as credit cards, social security number or bank account information. There is no reason to share that type of information with a person that you want to have a sexual encounter with.

A swinger’s lifestyle is absolutely amazing for those who are ready to make an exciting change in their life and sexual life. You get to have sex with other people while being in a committed relationship, so it’s pretty much the best of both worlds. There are parties that swingers attend which are all about exchanging spouses or partners for the night. Most of the sex happens at that same place or the pair of swingers go to a hotel or such to have their fun.

It’s all about being comfortable and enjoying yourself. When you become a member of Fling you will be about to connect with thousands of people who are looking for the same things as you are. They want to have casual sex with another swinger couple or they want to become the third wheel fun for a swinger couple. The possibilities are endless and you will be able to get to know multiple people at a time and set up multiple met ups as you desire. Don’t be afraid to Experience A One Night Stand On Fling as well.