Sex Toys The Rabbit

Oh the weekend is here and now it is time for the fun to begin. This Fridayís sex toy is the Rabbit, and yes this toy is not new but it is a very popular sex toy among the women and couples.

The Rabbit has rotating pearls in the center of the shaft that provides lots of stimulation, and as well as the textured portion of the shaft rotates. The rabbit stimulator tickles the clitoris for even more stimulation and pleasure. There is also a hand held battery pack that allows you or your partner to control the multi-speed vibrations and rotation.

Make sure all you sexy singles or swingers get this classic sex toy today, and make your weekend a very satisfying one.

New Sex Toys Category At Blog.Fling.Com

Here at we have added a new category called Sex Toys; which we will be updating every Friday, so that you can have a new weekend toy to enjoy. We will be bringing you the new and sexiest adult toys out there.

Adding sex toys to your sex life is a sure way to make things more intense in the bedroom between you and your lover. Even if you don’t have a lover; most sex toys can be used by yourself.

Make sure to check back every Friday for the new Sex Toys updates.

Swingers Party With Sex Swing

I recently went to a swingers party and they had a sex swing set! I have always wanted to try one and let me tell you I sure got the opportunity to do so. I loved it! It was the most arousing sexual experience I have ever had. Most people may consider it a toy, but I look at it as a aid to better sex. Just for the simple fact that you didnít get crushed by the weight of your partner and didnít have to use much energy yourself. The great part is that either a man or a woman can be harnessed on the swing itself. While the other partner works their magic. Sex was longer and 100% more pleasurable.

This particular sex swing had a 360 swivel, which made doing various and interesting positions more enjoyable. Also it was equipped with light bondage equipment where you can attach chains or ropes for pleasure. I didnít use any of that, just because I am not there in my sexual adventures.

Whatever your sexual preference is I highly recommend the usage of a sex swing in your everyday sexual adventures.