Why Everyone Should Learn About Tantric Sex

Simply put, Tantra is a form of meditation that originated in India. Tantric Sex, also known as Neotantra, is a modern version of the ancient technique which incorporates elements of the meditation into sex. Tantric sex can be practiced alone, with a partner or even in large groups.


However, many people who practice tantra in its original meditative form feel like the true nature of the technique has been mostly overlooked in western civilization. This is mostly because it has been tied so closely to sexuality as opposed to spirituality. Although they are related, it’s important to note that Tantra is not all about sex and for one to truly master Tantric sex, they should learn all they can about Tantra as a meditation technique.


All that said, if learned properly, Neotantra can allow couples to experience enhanced pleasure during sex as well as a deeper connection. That’s why we’ve come up with a few important beginner techniques that every couple should learn about, if not for the purely meditative benefits, then definitely for the benefits it can bring to the bedroom.


Extend Orgasms

Men never admit to being premature ejaculators, but just in case you’re a man that blows his load a bit too quickly, this technique can help hold out and even experience multiple orgasms. Rather than thinking of sex as a task with a goal, think of it as an experience that should be enjoyed moment to moment. Give and receive pleasure with simple gestures and words; even if it means leaving intercourse out of it. Spend a few weeks discovering what your partner finds most desirable and use your newly found techniques organically in the bedroom. You’ll soon find that this can lead to more pleasurable, pressure-free sex that can lead to extended, or even multiple orgasms.


Controlled Breathing

Most people don’t pay attention to the way they breathe during sex. However, breathing too quickly during sex can create arousal and lead to premature orgasms. Instead, try taking slow deep breaths and exhale gradually. You can even try matching your partners breathing pattern to make a deeper connection with your lover.


Explore Different Positions

Exploring different sexual positions is all about eliminating gender roles. In missionary position, the man is on top and the woman is on the bottom. Switching positions can help balance female and male

7 Alternatives To Porn That Will Turn You On

These days people are constantly looking to see what else they can find that will turn them on. Even though porn is a great option to choose there are a lot of people who are becoming quite bored with watching porn in efforts to be a aroused by watching others getting it on. In this world there are plenty of other options besides watching porn that will turn people on and get them in the mood. Most people tend to forget about other great options, but today were going to discuss those options right now.

1. Erotic novels: Reading erotic novels can definitely bring a person’s sexual imagination to life. This is a way for many people to explore their sexual fantasies and let go all of their sexual restraints. They will be able to enjoy a new and exciting way of being aroused and pleasured. People enjoy reading erotic novels because this is a way for them to place themselves into sexual situations that most likely not happen in their real life. When is a woman going to be a damsel in distress and having a knight in shining armor man coming to rescue her?

2. Tantric: This is a form of sexual meditation where it allows the person using Tantric to make their body and mind more aware of their sexual arousal. Tantric can be used between two people for more added pleasure and experience the ultimate orgasm with just using their minds. It can also be used with just one person which also allows this person to experience the best possible orgasm with just solely using their mind.

3. Massages: When a person is feeling stressed out the best possible way to relieve this stress is for them to get a massage. If a man or woman is receiving a sensual massage by someone who they are attracted to this could be a definite way for them to be turned on. What makes massages become an alternative to porn is because the person is having skin to skin contact with someone in a very sensual way. The movements of the lubricated hands going over certain body parts such as the back, legs or thighs; is quite a turn on for lots of people.

4. Working out/Yoga: It has been said that men are turned on by watching women workout. They love seeing a woman get hot and sweaty which allows them to envision how she will look while in bed. These are all of the things that gets a man really going when he watches different women workout. It also helps that the tight outfits and sports bras that these women wear while they workout.

5. Dancing: When two people meet in a club and their bodies are touching and grinding each other while their dancing can produce lots of increase in excitement regarding sex. They get excited about the raunchy moves that the person they are dancing with is making and they envision themselves having sex while mimicking some of those same moves.

6. Music: What gets people in the mood is the way a song sounds. It’s the way the artist’s voice comes through the speakers and the way the melody flows through the person’s ear and into their soul is what gets the person in the mood. Another reason why people are turned on by music is because of the lyrics; especially of the lyrics has something to do with sex.

7. Strip clubs: This is a very obvious alternative to actually watching porn, because people were attending strip clubs are able to the strippers up close and personal. There are a lot of people who enjoy sex, but they enjoy even more so watching someone half naked moving their bodies in a very sexual way.

These seven alternatives to porn are great and can easily be done for those who are looking for new ways of being turned on. If you find another alternative for getting turned on then you should definitely explore and embrace it. Life is all about having fun, getting it on and taking risks. You would never know what turns you on unless you try it out and experiment with lots of different methods. Remember, if you want a sure and fast way of getting horny, then continue watching porn, but if you want to try something extremely different, then you need to try out one of the seven alternatives mentioned.