Texas Beauty- Lauren Shruggs’ Memoir- “Still Lolo”

We can all learn a little bit of the very fortunate and triumphant- Lauren Scruggs. She was once a fashion blogger and aspiring model when that all came to a halt in just a matter of seconds that she can’t even hardly recall. In 2008, Lauren Scruggs suffered an accident that would forever change her life. She only remembers a few details before the accident happened. She recalls feeling uneasy after a sight seeing flight that she went with a friend so that she could see the Christmas lights of her native Plano, Texas. She then remembers as her feet hit the tarmac and finally, the menacing darkness of the night as she walked right into danger. After that, she doesn’t remember anything else.

Lauren Scruggs walked right into the propeller of a small jet. She received countless of injuries which include- fractured skull, broken collar bone and many more…She lost her left arm as it had to be amputated and soon after she lost one of her eyes for the injury had no other remedy, except replacing it with a glass eye. Her memoir takes readers on this young woman’s journey as she describes her lowest lows and her most amazing accomplishments throughout an 8 month period of rehabilitation which consisted of countless of trials and tribulations; from not being able to open a Shampoo bottle to being able to cook again.

Surely, if you’re feeling down and under, Lauren Scruggs’ Memoir– “Still Lolo” is one read that will lift your spirits and show you that if you remain positive and keep trying, the human soul can reach the stars. Lauren Scruggs is now the chief editor for LOLO Magazine and recently Tweeted: “Surfed the afternoon away.”

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